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3355 East Russell Road
Las Vegas, NV, 89120

+1 (702) 250-6811


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The jorney starts with the first step

The jorney starts with the first step

Some people love them, others see them in an opposite light. It is enough for me to write and speak from my own position of purpose, knowing within that I am on the proper path. I have learned to ignore the reviews and stay on purpose. I am not trying to please anyone else in my work. I am simply doing what I know to be the right thing for me while always considering improving the lives of others. If my work helps you and others, I am thrilled. If not, I am still thrilled at being able to produce it. I am not focused on the outcome of my efforts. Results are not what motivate me. I am motivated by my inner awareness of having a mission and staying with it, regardless of outcomes. As a wise man once said “ask nothing and you will receive much. But if receiving is your aim, you will be living a life of constant deficiency”.