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Early Narcissism >Narcissistic Personality Disorder >Malignant Narcissism >SocioPathy


Nearly all of suffer from Early Narcissism (EN) and don’t even know it. These are dis-empowering beliefs about ourselves and the Universe around us. Depending on weather these beliefs are fundamental or ancillary determines if you get better naturally or get worse naturally. The beliefs you hold are totally reflected in the life you’ve created.

If you are filled with anxiety, anger, depression, irritability and discontent or you find yourself having problems forming normal fulfilling relationships, you might want to look at your belief systems. The Habitual Mind is hardwired to see what you believe. It works 24/7 manifesting these beliefs into reality by only focusing on them. It constantly looks for validation, association and comparison. The Habitual Mind works non-stop behind the scenes of consciousness strengthening these beliefs year after year, decade after decade. Slowly grinding down our own self-worth, self-confidence and self-trust.

As we internalize these dis-empowering beliefs we develop an emotional dependence upon them rather then an independence. We begin to believe that the world revolves around us and we become trapped in the “Bondage of Self”. The seeds of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) have sprouted. We have come to believe these dis-empowering beliefs they created the lives we live and we teach them to our children. We are totally unaware that we are ignoring the emotional needs of others.

A typical dis-empowering belief is that we have the power to control how others feel. This creates a fear of rejection and disaproval to manifest in the mind. Behaviors associated with this belief are that honesty takes a back seat to pleasing, conflict avoidance and a lacking of intimacy, connection and genuine love. Another dis-empowering belief is that rules are more important then our needs. Putting rules ahead of people elevates obeidiance and compliance. the emotion created is a lack of empathy because “you broke the rules”.

Giving up beliefs we hold is like giving up parts of ourselves. It entails giving up personality traits, well established and learned patterns of behavior, ideologies and even whole life styles and the pain can be excruciating. Step 6 shows us how we can begin this process. By identifying our character defects we can walk them back to the die-empowering belief. It’s important to do this one character defect at a time. A wholesale onslaught at this time would only cause the Narcissist to become overwhelmed and retreat. Identifing these character defects and walking them back to the beliefs, one by one is the essence of Step 6.

At this point NPD can still be reversed through individual or group therapy ( 12 Step programs) but if left untreated NPD will progress over time into Malignant Narcissism. Once the mental illness reaches the malevolent,vindictive and vengeful stage recovery becomes impossible. This stage has the ability in rarer cases to progress into full blown Sociopathy (SP).