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Seven Decisions to a Better Life



Andy Andrews, gave this talk over 20 years ago, it resonated with me and I wanted to share it with you. The beauty is in it's simplicity, and the fact they will work weather you are aware of them or not.

1. The Buck stops here: You make choices that but you in places you don't like. Understanding that we are responsible for the life we have is Hugh.

2. I will seek wisdom: Read watch what you put in your head as closely as what you put in your body. People that are in the process of learning are happier. Chooce your friends and who you associate with with care. Realize that your best thinking got you here and that the same thinking is not going to get you out.

3. I am a person of action. Every time you do something it changes things. Accept "The Butterfly Effect". Realize if your here you haven't finished what your here to do.

4. Be certain of your decisions. Make decisions quickly and change them slowly. We were not made to make right decisions all the time. We are not perfect.

5. Choose to be happy about your decision. Make the choice to be grateful and to have gratitude. Stop being negative, smile often and stop complaining. Who hangs with losers? Be aware of the vicious circle of negativity, encouragement comes from the people around you, negative people, have no people around them.

6. Greet each day with a forgiving spirit. Forgiveness means more to the forgiver. Anger management is an oxymoron. Forgiveness is a decicion not an emotion. The inability to forgive keeps the past in the present.

7. I will persist without exception. Miracles occur. If the reward is going to be big it's going to be hard. When you come to a dead end your only lacking an idea.

By making these decisions you can start changing your life today.