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TV is Not A Public Service



TV is a Hugh Media Messaging Machine designed to make money. It is based on the lowest common denominator, what I mean by this is just like the Wall Street Journal is written on a sixth grade reading level and the New York Daily News is written on a third grade reading level, just like all speed limits are set to the standard the most inept driver can handle, TV programing is one step above moronic. They have the audacity to tell us what we should look like, how much we should weigh, what we should eat and drink, how often we should have sex, how we should parent our children, what our house should look like, the kinda car we should be driving, the drugs we should be taking and even where to go on vacation. What they don't tell you is according to who. The who are the owners of these companies who buy the right to advertise. They are interested in one thing and one thing only, MONEY. And they are not above lying to get in your pocket. They will say anything and use every underhanded trick to get you to buy. Fear being chief among them.

And we sit in front of this box like a bunch of sheep, eating up this crap like it was manna from heaven. Why, because we have come to depend on TV to distract us, even for a couple of hours, from feeling like we are living meaningless lives, totally manipulated by forces we have no control over. I'm in the middle of an experiment in which I have severed the cable and have taken back my control over what goes into my head. The decrease in the static of my mind has been amazing and gets better everyday. I'm able to think more clearly and retain much better, then just 30 days ago. I miss absolutely nothing about hearing of the misfortune that has befallen people and actually have noticed an improvement in my overall attitude, I could care less about the weather reports, if I'm interested I look outside or on the weather app on my phone. I find that it's refreshing not to have my fingers on the pulse of national politics, and if I want to find out what's happening, I have three apps on my phone, that deliver the news without all the personality. I have found that I have time to explore topics and issues that before I only thought about briefly, if at all.

I'll get off my soap box but one last thing before I close. The original idea for TV was to entertain and educate, what it has morphed into is an addictive monster that is isolating us as a society, it is irresponsibly filling our children's minds with so many dis-empowering beliefs that some of them may never recover from. Parents have been using TV as a substitute for actually parenting the children they chose to have, and they are doing them a disservice. They can no longer use the excuse that they had no idea of the corrosive effect this has on young kids minds, they know. Why don't they stop, because they are even more addicted to TV then there kids. We are going to look back 50 years from now and shake our heads on how thoughtless we were to allow Mass Media such unrestrained and unrestricted access to our children's minds. Like I said in the beginning of this rant,  EVERYTHING they are telling us is a lie. The sooner we start turning off the TV, the sooner we start to heal.