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How Big A Belief?



There is a big difference between I believe Lima Beans are bad versus I believe Vegetables are bad. It's the scope of the belief. Is it a fundamental belief or an ancillary belief? It's possible to have a good life with some dis-empowering beliefs as long as they are ancillary beliefs. It's even possible to have a good life if your dis-empowering beliefs are fundamental as long as they are balanced with some powerful fundamental beliefs. Everyone has a form of Early Narcissism where there is a mixture of beliefs  but the dis-empowering beliefs are either ancillary or they are offset by powerful fundamental beliefs. We obviously form beliefs about everything and it's the power of the belief that makes the difference. As an example there is a big difference in believing men can't be trusted versus believing people can't be trusted. This person may attain an overall sense of belonging and  even a sort of happiness dealing with others but the chances of this person having a happy marriage are highly reduced simply because of this one belief. Look at the difference, believing I can't change versus people don't change, would have on a person. They would have no problem in believing others could change but when it came to them personally they would constantly be presented with situations that would reinforce their belief that they can't change. When challenged, that they are resistant to change, they will hide behind a mask and lie saying that's not true, when in reality they are thinking, I am what I am.

Just these two simple examples can show how devastating one dis-empowering belief can be and we have beliefs about everything. Luckily most of us have powerful fundamental beliefs and our dis-empowering beliefs are more of the ancillary variety. But if your born with a genetic predisposition, or your upbringing is fraught with violence and mistreatment or you suffer a trauma of some sort or a combination of all three , then you run a high risk of forming strong fundamental beliefs that are dis-empowering. Early Narcissism progresses to Narcissistic Personality Disorder. As we mature a lot of us recognize these dis-empowering beliefs and rebel against them, and a lot of us don't. Some of us, seem  unable to turn our focus away from the dis-empowering belief and it becomes stronger and more deeply embedded in the mind.

Once in the mind, these dis-empowering beliefs, take on a life of their own.  Medicine has forgotten more about the Mind then it remembers, over the centuries. Even today, they have no idea how the "Placebo Effect" works or why it works. Just saying it's a miracle, underscores how little they know, about the workings of the mind. There are a lot of Doctors, with a lot of letters after their names, that would like us to think they know, but they don't. And we go from one Medical breakthrough to another, only to find out, they have no idea and in some cases have hurt thousands of innocent people with their hubris that they have broken the riddle of the mind, only to discover that they were dead wrong. Lobotomies come to mind and the geniuses behind that procedure should have been prosecuted for malpractice, instead of being allowed to retire in disgrace. It's why it's called a practice and not a science, but I digress.

The mind of God, which is in us all, takes the beliefs we hold and manifest's them into our lives., Medicine can't explain it but spiritualists down through the ages have spoken about it, written about it and have believed in it. You can choose to believe it or not it's your choice. Long term personal growth must include the encouragement to think for ourselves, challenge long held beliefs that haven't served us and establish new beliefs. I believe we are our own Higher Power, the kingdom of heaven lies within us. Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed and Allah they all lie within us. They are all actually aspects of us. We have it in ourselves to create the world of our dreams. Fear (ego) is terrified that we might learn this and continues to tell us that our nature is sinful. By keeping us focused on the outside we never connect with our inside, our Higher Self.