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In an earlier blog I mentioned taking the time to quiet the static of the mind. I wanted to visit on this for a little bit. According to Eckhart Tolle the mind is addicted to noise and it doesn't know what to do with silence. The mind thinks it has to be working on problems at all times. If it doesn't have any real problems, it will make them up. 90% of the problems the mind is working on are repetitive. It keeps visiting the past, working on how it could have been different. That's why I love the quote "stop wishing that the past could be different". If it's not in the past it's in the future, planning and plotting, how it's going to be, or should be. It's why meditation is so hard for so many of us, our HABITUAL MIND just won't stop. If it stops for a minute, it gets bored and yearns for a problem to solve. I often share about a realization I had a while back, about problems and worry. I had been worrying, about a Hugh problem, I was having with something, and this problem just would not go away, for whatever reason. Then suddenly something happened and the problem was removed. Do you know, that it probably wasn't even a day, before I had another problem seated firmly in its place. I started to realize my mind was addicted. It loved going to that enticing swamp, because it felt comfortable, in that activity of worry. There were no surprises, the mind could just go along, over and over thinking about the same problem. Actually I think it's surprised when a problem disappears because then it has to find a new problem to replace it and that's such a bother.

That's why a lot of us are addicted to TV. The mind loves watching make believe problems being solved. It loves to make comparisons, on how it would solve, the make believe problems, it sees on the screen. It has no skin in the game, so it just lulls itself to sleep, watching an endless stream of crappy problems. Even if you think you have some skin in the game, like a news program or a sporting event, you really don't, it's the mind, fooling you into thinking this is important.

The mind serves the EGO (which is not your amigo). It's the EGO that can't stay in the present.It has a need to judge every problem . The EGO fears change , so it repeats the same dull mental routines over and over. We don't grow, but we are comfortable in our routine. The EGO also doesn't trust the mind, and keeps it from ever finding or even visiting your higher self, the watcher behind the thoughts. So it constantly replays the same script of past and future, the "script of the ego". The EGO doesn't believe that the mind is divine and created in Gods image. As long as it can maintain this false belief, the longer we go not trusting God.

Breaking free of the EGO takes courage and FAITH, and a trust that the Universe will provide everything we believe we deserve. Silence brings a stillness to the mind, try it. Visit me on Facebook and let me know what you think about this.