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I looked up Alcoholism the other day and the first site that came up was from the Mayo Clinic, there definition was, "a chronic disease characterized by uncontrolled drinking and a preoccupation with alcohol". Then right underneath in bold letters is written VERY COMMON. "more then 3 million cases a year" followed with this LIE. Treatment can help, but this condition can't be cured. Right below you come to which goes on to talk about how 18 million adults have an Alcohol Use Disorder(AUD) which they characterize as not physical dependent but still a serious problem. AUD has three levels mild, moderate and sever. The very next site to pop up is that states, "an estimated 88,000 people die each year from alcohol related causes. It is the 4th leading preventable cause of death in America." They go on to state that Alcohol abuse is treatable and that a number of rehab facilities are specializing in alcohol addiction programs and therapies. They even go on to list the common factors saying that people turn to alcohol for one reason and gradually develop a dependency. The reasons are #1 relieve stress, #2 feels good, #3 cope with loss and #4 overcome anxiety.

Is it any wonder, that there is confusion and so much misunderstanding, about a disease that's been around since the dawn of time? The Mayo Clinic says it's not curable, without giving any reasons why, and the rehab site says, it is curable and gives simplistic and inaccurate reasons why it is, and then follows it up with even more simplistic and inaccurate reasons, why a person even becomes an alcoholic. My question is why nether site states what millions of Alcoholics know, that it's an Allergy of the body caused by a Mental Obsession of the Mind. The sooner we start talking about this mental obsession, this Mental Illness, the sooner we can really start getting to Alcoholism's root causes, and the sooner we can start helping people get recovery. 

It is my hypothesis that the disease of Alcoholism, is a direct result of the Mental Illness called Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). It was first diagnosed in 1985 as a incurable mental illness, this was amended in 1990, when they expanded the diagnosis, to include the condition Malignant Narcissism (MN). They stated at the time that NPD was curable but MN was not. This has been the experts opinion for almost 30 years, and yet nobody seems willing to place it as a root cause of ALCOHOLISM or as the root cause for most addictions , as I believe. It is my intention, to share my experience, strength and hope to change this. And by doing so, improve the dismal recovery rates I've seen, since entering my first 12 STEP program back in 1989.