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How we Lie.


When you develop a toxic heart, one of the first dis-empowering beliefs to form is around integrity. The definition of integrity states that it composed to two main characteristics, the social aspect of being consistency in your actions and the ethical aspect of honesty. I'd like to dig into honesty a little deeper, and explore some of the insidious ways it manifests itself in a persons life. there are ten ways that we commonly use to lie. #1 Boasting and bragging,misrepresenting facts and accomplishments so that we look better in the eyes of others. #2 Factual distortions, those little lies or exaggerations that enhance the story, we are trying to convey. #3 Deception, creating a story or scenario to support a lie. These stories become more and more difficult to keep together, needing more deception. This takes work and contributes to the underlying static in the mind. #4 Projecting the future, if the present is based on lies and deception, then the future has to be. #5 Exaggeration,changing facts to impress or maintain a lie. #6 Omission, leaving out pertinent facts to in order to protect the lie. #7 Cheating, gouging or misrepresenting facts or costs for your benefit. #8 Egocentric or aggressive behavior, designed to frighten or intimidate. Manipulate others through bullying or bragging. #9 Belief that the world is out to get you. #10 Self deception, basic lie you tell yourself that your inferior or not estimable in the eyes of others.

Dishonesty weaves these 10 components into a web that becomes your reality. A reality based on EGO, The false self. A person suffering from NPD can only relate with the EGO, and as such are trapped in the "bondage of self". It typically causes one to become irritable and discontent, and as this anxiety progresses they become susceptible to anything that will relieve these feelings, even for a little while. If they find Alcohol and start abusing it, over time the body will develop and allergy to it. An allergy to the body caused by a mental obseeion of the mind.