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I came up with or heard this analogy,"changing a belief of the Habitual Mind, is like trying to change a tire while the car is moving", it's possible but it takes planning and support from others. The Habitual Mind, is the same as our Creator's, like I've heard "if you take a cup of the ocean, out of the ocean, isn't it still the ocean?". The Mind is divine, and as such works 24/7, it never stops. It doesn't realize your trying to change a belief that it holds, it's too busy manifesting. That's why it takes a very strong will to change the beliefs it holds. You can have a Spiritual Awakening, a Satori, but most people have an awakening as Jung stated of the "intellectual variety".

If you attempt to change it all at once, your EGO will rejoice, because it knows that is impossible, and you will eventually give up and give in to the old belief. This is where we really see how dis-empowering, the belief that being impatient, works to solve problems quicker, can really be. In order to systematically, start changing beliefs that are holding you back, they need to be identified, and separated from the whole. The focus needs to be, how carrying even one dis-empowering belief, can have a HUGH impact, on the life you find yourself living (STEP 6 in a 12-STEP program), and humbly asking God to remove it. Realizing that we are not perfect, and that simply asking, probably won't be sufficient to bring about the desired change, we must be willing to work on it one day at a time. To not get depressed or down when the desired change doesn't happen as quickly as we think it should. To instead congratulate ourselves, on daily victories, and to realize, what took a long time to be put in place, will not be removed in a single day.

To start noticing, how your life starts changing, by changing just one dis-empowering belief, gives a person the confidence and courage, to tackle the next one and the next one. It takes more then just humbly asking, it takes a concentrated effort. The ability to pause before engaging is a learned behavior and takes a little time. But with enlightened sponsorship and a strong will, you will be amazed before your half way through.