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How the Movie Animal House Killed Fraternities


The emasculation of the American Male being carried out the the Liberal Left continues right before our very eyes, seemingly with little or no resistance. By emasculation I mean "to deprive of strength, vigor and spirit". It's my hypothesis that the Extreme Liberal Left has been systematically doing this since the mid 70's and it's my contention that the movie Animal House, released in 78, directed by John Landis, and staring John Belushi, was instrumental in this campaign. Forty years after it's release Animal House and it's infectious anarchy has not occasioned the rise of the Greek Fraternity System, as some would have us believe, but in fact has pushed the Greeks off many US campuses and in many cases into irrelevance with today's male students.

The subliminal messaging that this movie placed in the subconscious of American society has caused irreparable damage to the Greek Fraternity System. It planted the idea that Fraternities were anarchy personified, it insinuated an adversarial relationship between the Fraternities and College Administrators, and created the impression that there were no redeeming qualities to being a member of a Fraternity. It fostered the environment that has allowed the Liberal Left to push these institutions off campus and into irrelevance. The cooperative relationship between Greeks and College Administrators since the 1890's, was damaged beyond repair by the portrayal of Dean Wormer and the members of Animal House.

Why has the marginalization of the Greek System been allowed to happen and who is to gain are questions I will attempt to answer. But before I do I'd like to visit on some of the positive aspects of the Greek Fraternity System so conveniently left out of Mr. Landis's Movie. The Fraternity System was originally established in the 1890's by students that wanted to meet secretly, usually for discussions and debates not thought appropriate by the faculty of their schools. By the early 1900's they had evolved into social,professional and honorary groups to promote varied combinations of community service, leadership and academic achievement. What they did in fact was the following. 1) They brought a sense of community to a diverse group of men and women, creating a sense of belonging to something bigger then the individual. 2) They taught the importance of citizenship, charity and community service while expanding the cultural understanding of it's members. 3) They provided structure, teaching life and leadership skills. Such as but not limited to , working toward consensus, responsibility, effective communication skills, conflict management and network building skills. 4)  They showed how to accomplish goals by building consensus and working with a diverse group of individuals. 5) Organizational skills were taught through Johnson's Rules of Order, and financial responsibility was shown through running a house. 6) Inappropriate personnel behavior was a reflection upon all and was frowned upon, They would self police their members, and in extreme cases with assistance and guidance from school administrators. Poor social skills and behaviors were not tolerated. 7) Social skills, and how to handle yourself in different situations were taught.

I could go on but I think you see what I mean. The movie Animal House showed none of this, in fact Director Landis went out of his way to to miss-characterize the Fraternity System,especially it's relationship with School Administrators, which is exactly what they intended to do. The Liberal Left and College Administrators do not approve of free thinkers. They want their students isolated and alone in order to more easily control and indoctrinate them into their agendas, that they have been pushing since the mid 60"s. What's this agenda you might ask, well let's take a look. 1) They favor an agenda in which free expression and racial integration are equated with political oppression. 2) They feel that campuses should be "safe places" where no one is compelled to hear anything that might make them feel uncomfortable. 3) They want to stifle free and open discussion and to block any criticism of Left Liberal Dogma by declaring that any questions about Progressive Political Beliefs and their adherents are all illegitimate and intolerable. 4) They create the environment that makes it unsafe to intellectually discuss anything that runs counter to their views. Free expression is no longer tolerated on College campuses. 5) They have adopted "speech codes" that restrict the free expression of topics such as but not limited to racism, classism, sexism, heterosexism, cissexism, abelism and other forms of privilege and oppression. 6) They hide behind the Higher Education Act, Title IX of 1972, which hold schools libel when their action or failure to take action helps to bring about an environment that is hostile or harassing to women, members of minority groups or other persons. 7) They establishment ludicrous examples of whats  considered to be Politically Correct, with the main purpose being to create new offenses and offenders, to investigate, in order to grow and secure larger budgets, increase staff and increase costs.

This Left Liberal bias has transformed these institutions, that once stood for free expression and critical examination of all ideas, into restrictive "Safe Space", ruled by the thought police. They protect bureaucratic functionaries and ignore traits such as indolence, ineptitude and outright stupidity. These traits are rarely disqualifications for career advancement in College Administrations today. It has become very evident that College Administrators only care about the Fiscal Bottom line. Curriculum's are evaluated not on an intellectual perspective but from their capacity to bring in more paying customers.

The question you may ask is why would the Greek Fraternal Organizations going back a 100 years and being composed of rich and powerful men allow their Greek System to be pushed off campuses and marginalized so severely? The answer is simple MONEY. These same men are the movers and shakers of Big Finance. With the changes in 65 by the Johnson Administration, Student Loans became Federally Backed and available to any family no matter their income. Big Finance saw a golden opportunity to turn millions of young people into Debt Slaves. They insidiously claimed and lobbied the dis-empowering belief that you can't get ahead in modern society without a College Degree, while at the same time allowing and encouraging the Colleges and Universities to jack the price for a College Degree through the roof. It's obvious to anyone, that a College Education is no longer for the benefit of the student but for the benefit of College Administrators , Faculty and Big Finance.

Instead of teaching Critical Thinking Skills these Colleges and Universities have created Millions of Debt Slaves, who have been let down by their College, the Greek System and their Government. Even now College Loan defaults are rising, a majority of students will never be able to pay off their loans within the agreed upon time. But our Government is under the control of Big Finance and until people start getting mad enough, and start demanding a refund on the grounds that the Colleges and Universities did not provide what was promised, which was the critical thinking skills necessary to be successful in society, nothing will change.  Our men and women have been emasculated, and victimized, they walk these barren campuses, alone and isolated, afraid to speak out, knowing they are screwed. The Greek System use to encourage free thinkers, teaching them the skills to express themselves and to criticize injustice and to utilize their community  and networks to right wrongs. But no more, and it all started with that dumb movie.