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3355 East Russell Road
Las Vegas, NV, 89120

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The mind is addicted to noise, it doesn't know what to do with silence. The mind thinks it has to be working at all times, and has forgotten how t be still. That's why it so hard for a lot of people to meditate. The mind gets bored and seeks a problem to solve. A majority of the problems the mind finds are repetitive problems dealing with self, how the past could have been different and how the future might be.

It's why TV is so addictive, because it lulls the mind to sleep watching make believe problems being solved. All it has to do is sit back and make comparisons, on how it would have solved the make believe problems it sees on the screen. The mind serves the EGO and it's the EGO that can't stay in the present. The EGO has a need to judge everything and it fears change, so it repeats the same dull routine over and over. We don't grow because we are comfortable with the routine.

The EGO doesn't trust the mind, so it keeps it from from finding your higher self, by constantly replaying the past and worrying about the future,"the script of the ego". The EGO doesn't trust, it doesn't believe the mind is divine, created in the image of the divine intelligence, it essentially doesn't trust god.

Breaking free of the EGO takes faith and courage and a trust that the universe will provide everything, if you believe.