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From the Leave to Beaver TV show of the sixties.

Ward Cleaver, the father figure in the show, was actually a Zen Master. Think about it, he was always calm and imperturbable. His dress was classic style. He smoked a pipe. He was always reading, indicates a thirst for knowledge and understanding. He responded to situations with short insightful questions to determine where the real problem lie. He wanted to know why an individual felt the way they did, "Why do you feel like that Beaver?". Always asked his sons to think about the situation, asking what they could have done different, and waited for a response. He lead them to there own decisions. When they were wrong he suggested they apologize. 

His was an example of good child rearing skills. He was benevolent, showed good guidance and asked questions and waited for an answer. He let his children determine how they might be wrong. He showed, by his actions, how important it is to establish good beliefs early and to reinforce them often. He was quick to praise good beliefs and questioned bad beliefs as opposed to just condemning them. He worked on letting his children see both sides of a situation, and simply asked them, which course of action they felt was best. Enlighten stuff for a TV show so long ago.