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Tweak Step 1


People in recovery are always saying, how we should not be resistant to change. That change is inevitable in basically good. But if you even suggest that maybe the 12 steps could be modified to better resonate with people today esp young people, all you hear is condemnation. These critics  realize of course that the 12 steps were written when Belladonna was still being used as an anti-depressant and that frontal lobotomies were considered a medical breakthrough in treating any number of mental illnesses. Well Belladonna is no longer in general use and lobotomies and anyone associated with them is regarded as one of the darkest periods in mental illness research. so maybe we could consider changing the 12 steps so that they were a little clearer for the modern mind to understand.  What I propose is changing the word life in step 1 to thinking. It seems to be a stumbling block for so many people, because it's such a generalization. If we focus on how our thinking has become unmanageable, it better links how abusing alcohol (or anything) is just a symptom of the mental illness. A lot people coming into the rooms esp high bottom people have lives that haven't fallen into in-manageability, they get hung up with this, and it keeps them from getting help sooner.