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How to improve your life using a DVR


I've become convinced that it's just as important, maybe more important, to watch what you put in you head as much as what you put into your body. With the advent of the DVR esp the long playing type (60 hrs or more) there is no reason why you should have to watch a commercial ever again. Each morning you can review the offerings on TV and record what you want to watch. You tailor your Cable to what you want to watch. Fast forward through commercials and you will notice a few things right away. First you can watch a lot more programing, because it's basically commercial free and you can fast forward through replays etc. you also will eliminate channel surfing, which is a Hugh problem in a lot of homes. If your in the habit of just sitting in front of the TV blindly looking for something interesting to watch, your filling your head with a bunch of stuff that  you don't want or need. After doing this  your usually frustrated that their is nothing good on TV and after finally turning it off all you feel is a sense that you wasted your time. The whole experience has not been entertaining nor fun, that it actually feels like a chore and your happy it's over.