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Las Vegas, NV, 89120

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Dis-empowering Beliefs; Being a victim works


Your just a little kid, and you observe one of your parents playing the victim, to get something they want or to keep something they have, and it works, and they get their way. The seed is planted, and you think to yourself, huh, being a victim works in some way to get what you want. And this belief is picked up by the habitual mind, that starts to  work on it  24/7, and looks to identify with anything that will prove being a victim works. What it does is start manifesting it into your life and because the neutral universe will manifest anything you believe, it starts bringing into your life, situations were you are victimized. False friends, unsatisfying jobs or no job at all, abusive wife or husband. All this starts creating an overall feeling of  malaise,  that your not good enough or smart enough or deserving enough. All this building off the belief system, that being a victim works.  The ego comes into play, to hide this belief from the world, you don't want anyone to know your true belief, so you hide it behind the mask. And no matter what happens, you never, ever, want to drop the mask.