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3355 East Russell Road
Las Vegas, NV, 89120

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Lack of Power was my Dilemma


Could easily be said "that holding dis-empowering beliefs lead to a lack of power in my life". Hold on to empowering beliefs systems and you become powerful. What are the basic belief systems? They consist of seven categories . These belief systems are established in the mind starting at birth, totally unconscious. Humans are hardwired to learn.

Once these beliefs are embedded in the mind, it will only see things that reinforce or affirm the embedded belief. The mind only sees what it believes. Our divinely created mind, designed in the image of the creator, whose powers, we are only now starting to understand and realize the hugh untapped potential of this Habitual Mind. A mind that works 24/7 to make what you believe, come true in your life. It's so simple, that it's been eluding man for centuries, but the mind only sees what it believes. A large portion of the mind , which is the objective mind doesn't even care if it's true or not. The Habitual mind just works on materializing  your true beliefs in your life.

If your not happy with the life you find yourself living, it's because of the beliefs your holding. This epiphany can be quickly followed with the idea that if the belief can be exposed it can be changed and that all that is required is a willingness