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Dis-Empowering Beliefs



We obviously form beliefs on everything, name any topic under the sun, and we have a belief about it. We have positive beliefs and obviously negative ones. Some beliefs obviously carry more weight then others. It's the total package that has to be considered and if the predominance of beliefs are negative, chances are real good that you are experiencing a pretty negative life.

On the other hand lets look at someone who has a predominance of positive beliefs, but a big negative belief is that you cant trust a member of the opposite sex. Do you think this individual will ever have a successful relationship? Chances are they never even  get married?

How about a belief that Authority figures are to be feared? What are the chances this individual will ever have an open easy relationship with a boss or superior? How about the belief that complaining, works to solve problems. What do you want to bet that an individual who believes this, has a lot of opportunity to complain. A simple belief about how we need to be in competition with everyone or how we need to compare ourselves to everybody's  outsides, leads to a competitive life, judging and comparing ourselves to everyone we meet.

But it gets worse. If your unfortunate enough to pick up a major dis-empowering belief like your not good enough or your not smart enough or your not deserving enough, well a belief like that can have a devastating impact on an individuals life. Imagine a belief that is able to grow and reinforce itself, through the Habitual Mind for 20, 30, 40, 50 years. Why it's so hard to change, is the habitual mind is working against the individual every step of the way. These beliefs are comfortable and familiar and besides we probably believe that change is bad anyway.

If the Habitual Mind can only see what it believes, then it must follow that the Universe that we live in is neutral to what we believe. The Universe, designed by a Divine Intelligence,  to grow Man, is divinely tasked with providing Man everything he believes he deserves.

But before you forsake everything, there is some good news, and it has to do with the small little detail that The Divine Intelligence provided us all with and that's Free Will. We have the ability to chose what we believe. And what's The Divine Intelligence will for us? Simple, to be happy and prosper.