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BlogBasics: 10 Things a Blog needs


A blog is basically a frequently updated online journal. It’s a place to express your brand or voice to the world.

A place you can share your thoughts and information about your company or your industry.

For our purpose, we’ll just say a blog is your own website that you are going to use to publish great industry-related content, on an ongoing basis.

A blog will help cement your position as an expert or an authority within your industry.

A blog gives you a platform to provide exceptional content. This content can be news, great tips or trends for your current or potential clients, or even for your partners.

Having a blog on your website will help you improve your SEO ranking if you update your site with fresh content frequently.

Before you even start blogging, it’s good to go and reverse engineer to see what your blog needs in order to be great.

  • Your blog post needs a great headline.
  • The blog post publish date.
  • Social sharing icons.
  • Clear and relevant images.
  • Clearly written, informative paragraphs.
  • Subheadings for subtopics of a particular topic.
  • A numbered list enhancing the content.
  • A clear call to action.
  • An about the author section.
  • A banner below the blog post.

    We create our blog because we want to generate sales, and in order to make those sales, we need traffic. That traffic arrives on our website because of the content we publish.

    To attract quality users, you must publish quality content.

    That way users will stay on your website and your site will have a high engagement rate.

    Your blog posts should consist of great copy, high quality images and embedded videos (videos receive the highest rate of engagement).

    If a user arrives from a website to land on your video as a result of a content search, and watches a video for 2 minutes, Google records this data and it favors your site in the search engines.

    With quality content on your blog, users will want to come back again. This will increase the engagement metric throughout your site. They will also want to share your information within their networks.

    If your content is really good, users will bookmark your blog and return on a daily basis.

    When your blog content has been published, you then want to promote it through social media to get more traffic.

    You can do this by installing social media sharing icon plugins in your WordPress blog.

    These icons will appear next to your article on the site and users can choose to share your content if they find it valuable.

    Your shared content will give your brand social proof and new users will often make decisions based on social validation from their peers or others on the web.

    Before you ever create content on your blog, always have in mind what you want the outcome of the content piece to be. What kind of actions do you want people to take after they consume the content?

    The example you see below is of content that people have shared on the social network Pinterest.

    All of the content on a network, like Pinterest, are all “Pin’s” from other websites. What this does is give those sites great backlinks.

    Websites like Pinterest have endless traffic. If you have Pinterest plugins on your blog, users can click on content shown on Pinterest and it redirects the user back over to your blog. This way you can lead the users into purchasing your products and services through your sales funnel.