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Blog Basics: Keywords and Links


Include images or photos in your blogs. When you do, make sure you add in the alt tags.

When you create your blog post, it will allow you to go and create your image. Then you have the option to briefly describe this image.

When you choose to give the image a very good description, it helps you get traffic.

In Google search results, when someone searches a key phrase and then selects ‘Images,’ the results are displayed.

The images that show up here are displayed because they are tagged with an ‘alt tag.’

If the images did not get an alt tag assigned do them, they would not show up in the search results.

Make sure you title your images with clear descriptions so you can get quality traffic to your blog.

If you have other posts on your website, you should link them to your new articles when possible.

If you are discussing a particular topic on your blog and you have another article referencing what you may be currently writing about, you can link the the two articles together using hyperlinks.

You can also use outgoing links to other blogs as well as inbound links to your own articles. This will also help you get more traffic to your site.