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Offline Sales


Meetup allows you to register for as a free user and you can then search for groups that are meeting around you based on several different topics. You can also create groups yourself and attract folks form your target audience.

For example if you were a parent living in a certain city, you can search for Meetup groups that focus on parenting and get to know other parents in the area.

Also, if you are new to a city you can use Meetup to meet like-minded folks. This can help with your transition to a new place.

I once recommended to a friend in a new city.

You have several different types of Meetup groups available to you. Everything from Arts & Culture, to Outdoor Adventures & Photography to Cars & Motorcycles.

You should be searching for business-related Meetup groups.

Just type in “business” in the search bar and you will see the business-related Meetup groups scheduled for events in your area. You will meet many interesting new people at these events who share your interests.


You can click into the group and also connect with the organizer of the group and ask him or her questions.

Begin playing around with this website platform and start getting used to it.

You should even set up your very first Meetup, just so you can see exactly how the process work.

Your first meet up may not attract a large amount of people, but even having 5-10 people show up is a great start.

That means you have 5-10 new prospects. You can give them a free copy of the Limitless book at the end of the session.

Search through popular Meetup groups in your industry and take notes on things such as their titles, headlines, bio information, kinds of events they host, etc.

They must be doing something right if they have a decent following. You can just copy the same elements they use.

Join niche-specific groups and contact the owners of these groups if you see that there isn’t much activity or posts within the thread for weeks.

Ask the owner if you can take over the group. When you become a group owner, you have to pay a small monthly fee of about $19 a month.

The former group owner has already done the hard work for you. He or she has attracted 500 + people to the group and now you can market to them. You don’t have to reveal your planned strategies to the former owner of the group.

You can lead people in the group directly into your MOBE sales funnel and give them some of the valuable content you learned while going through this course.

You should connect with these people positively and offer them the transformation that they are looking for.

If you are living in the USA and you have an active Meetup group in your city with many members, there’s nothing stopping you from creating Meetup groups in other cities and traveling once or twice a month to connect with your prospects there. is a very low cost marketing method that already has potential prospects who are looking for opportunities.

You should definitely pursue the Meetup path and let me know what your results are. Post them in the MOBE Facebook group.

Offline strategies are always working around you.

Put yourself in the position of the user as well as of the one who coordinates the logistics. Having a good sense of what people on both ends are looking for will ensure that you provide a wonderful user experience for people within your group.