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Universal Energy Field


The highlight of this book is Hawkins' discovery – or creation – of a scale of human consciousness. That is, he has calculated the various levels of human awareness ranging from "Shame" to "Enlightenment". The scale goes from 1-1000 which represents the degree of power of all possible human awareness.   

These numbers were calibrated through millions of kinesiological tests on thousands of people over 20 years of research.  Kinesiology is often referred to as "muscle testing" where you press down on someone's extended arm to test the resistance level of the muscle; strong means "yes", weak means "no". A more detailed description of how to do muscle testing is included later in this review. 

What seems to be at work is a form of communal consciousness, or as Hawkins calls it following Jung, a "database of consciousness." This phenomenon is common in other social animals whereby a fish swimming at one end of the school will instantly turn when its fellows a quarter-mile away flee a predator.   

It seems this same "knowing" is also available to humans. At a level far below human awareness (consciousness), our bodies KNOW what is good and bad for it.  The human brain, at some primal level, is a wondrous computer linked with a universal energy field that knows far more than it knows it knows! 

The unlimited information contained in the "database of consciousness" has now been shown to be readily available to anyone in a few seconds, at any time and in any place.   

(Children get this right away and follow with delight. There's nothing here that is surprising to them; they have always known they were connected to the database; we adults have merely forgotten it). 

Recall all the times you thought of someone and shortly thereafter they call you or you run into them.  We call this synchronicity. And what of the times we have a gut feeling to go the other way and take a different course of action than we originally intended – just like the fish turning away automatically, it was our intuition that guided us.  This is evidence of our connection to the universal energy field, the collective intelligence.   We are always at all times connected to this universal energy field; this database of consciousness has the infinite ability to guide us towards good (power) and away from bad (force).