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3355 East Russell Road
Las Vegas, NV, 89120

+1 (702) 250-6811


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Creating Wealth and Success



1.      I’m going to do the work I enjoy.  You only live once, so do what you love.

2.      There will always be difficulties, setbacks and challenges along the way.

3.      The margin between mediocrity and success is very small when related to time and effort, over and above what is expected. Success in life is like success in investing – small amounts over time.

4.      I will use pull whenever I can to open the doors to opportunity, but I will make sure to work when the door is opened for me.

5.      I will recognize and be alert to my own weaknesses, and find people who excel in the things where I falter.

6.      I will consider an opportunity to advance more important than the immediate money and fringe benefits of the situation.

7.      I will always stretch my abilities and goals a little further than my comfort zone, within reason.

8.      I will learn from my setbacks and then put them behind me.

9.      I will follow the Golden Rule.  I will not do a deal where someone else is short-changed, cheated or taken advantage of.

10.  I will use other people’s money provided I feel certain the money itself can grow at a faster rate than the interest charges. I will not be greedy.