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David Hawkins Book "Power vs. Force




Power Vs Force: The Levels of Consciousness



The levels of consciousness presented here is an idea that comes out of a book called Power vs. Force by David Hawkins. It’s a really useful scale to see exactly what level your consciousness is at. I find that comparing myself to the scale helps give me a good grasp of where I am and where I need to go. I can see how my consciousness has grown from the very lowest levels when I was a kid to some of the higher levels relatively recently. It’s incredibly satisfying to have a real, tangible way to measure personal development work.

Where Do the Levels of Consciousness Come From?

David Hawkins and his team discovered a powerful way to assess truth called muscle testing. I’m not going to get into the specific technique here, but it’s supposed to be able to determine the answer to any yes or no question. By applying a scale of 1 to 1000 to questions involving morality, motive, and consciousness, they were to measure the “attractor fields” that are responsible for human behavior.

For example, Shame calibrates at just 0-20 at the low end of the scale, whereas Enlightenment calibrates at 700-1000 at the high end. It’s also worth mentioning that anything below the level of 200, or Courage, is “weak.” Those attractor patterns require Force to continue. Anything above is strong, because it has power behind it and thus does not require force. Don’t worry if this is a little fuzzy, it’s actually pretty simple.

You can think of the levels of consciousness as a road map for your life. It’s a measure of your “vertical” development. Horizontal development includes anything you actually do. Getting a house, finding someone you love, landing a great job – all these are horizontal development. If you watched a video containing of every moment of your life, you would see your horizontal achievements.

On the other hand, vertical development is all the inner work you’ve done. It’s your spiritual development, as well as your sense of inner peace. Unlike horizontal development, which is about what you do, vertical development is about what you are. Your thoughts, beliefs, motives, and emotions go into this category. At the highest levels of vertical development, the horizontal plane matters very little.

By the way, keep in mind that this scale is logarithmic. That means that the amount of power represented by each number gets much, much higher as you go up the scale. So, the difference between 150 and 160 is much smaller than the difference between 300 and 310. Likewise, 300 is far more than twice the power of 150. In fact, it’s 10 to the power of 300 times more powerful. That’s a lot of zeros.