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Popeye: A poor Subliminal messge


Ever wonder why you don't see reruns of Popeye anymore? Could it be that the Experts saw that it was sending the wrong message to the Emerging Belief Systems of the children watching ( and adults by the way). The message being sent was that it was OK to be pig-headed and narrow minded (I am what I am). That it was OK to solve your problems with your fists (epic brawls with Brutus). That it was OK to give false promises (I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a Hamburger today). And finally , any relationship with a women  would be dysfunctional (Olive Oil ). Just an aside Olive Oil wasn't exactly a great role model for little girls.

Interesting that Popeye was replaced with Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street. Shows that are stressing totally different subliminal messages, like always be open minded,discuss your problems and never resort to fighting, be a good friend and have good friends, don't give false promises and finally women are people too, and are to be respected.