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Placebo Effect Research


Placebo Effect Research; It can change what you believe

Last Update: October 27, 2018


Belief is the oldest medicine known to man. Today scientists are beginning to see The Placebo Effect as a window into the Neurochemical Mechanisms, that connect the mind with the body. It's my hypothesis that this affect plays a much larger role than just how the body deals with pain and disease, but can also affect our beliefs, and our abilities to change our lives. If by creating expectations, our minds have the power to change and eliminate chronic physical diseases, than doesn't it follow, that we should also be able to change chronic mental beliefs, that hold us back from living truly self-fulfilling lives.

The Importance of Theater

Humans have participated in Theater since the beginning of time. First it was the Shaman and the Chiefs, who just like good performers are able to draw us in, until we feel they are real, they too would go to great lengths to create a Theater to draw us in. Nothing has changed today, as we observe what great lengths people go to create Theaters, like Medicine ( Hospitals), Law (Courts), Religion (Church), Finance (Banks), and even Health (Gyms). All designed to create expectations in our minds, to draw us into believing, what they are selling.

Are we Tricking the Mind

We need to look at the Placebo Effect as being a loose family of different phenomena, consisting of the following components.

  • Time; It's irrelevant

  • Create a Confirmation Bias; Changing the focus, paying attention to signs of improvement

  • Hawthorne Effect; changing of behaviors when you know you are being watched

  • Expectations; raised because you surrounded by believers and fellow travelers

  • Learning; Seeing others progress through following proscribed steps, seeing others become proficient or skilled

  • Social Learning; Learn to associate success by taking actions

  • Human Connection; The intangibles like warmth and empathy of others, sense of community makes people feel better

  • Communication; Duration of interaction and the communication of positive expectations

  • Show Progress; reward and acknowledge every milestone

The least understood aspect of Placebo Effect reseach, is how environment and the rituals and encounters that are designed to change our experiences, actually change our subjective view of the world. It comes down to what our beliefs are about success and failure, what they mean to each individual. And though many don't believe it will work, they still unconsciously expect it to.

Scientists Don't Know

The fact is, that there exists beyond ourselves, and our consciousness, a powerful force that we can tap into, if we believe strongly enough, in ourselves. By being patient with ourselves, to be willing to learn, and to challenge long established mental paradigms about ourselves and our capabilities, we will suddenly realize, that we have it in our power, to do whatever we want. Enjoy the journey, look at each problem like a puzzle, and you'll be amazed at what you can do.

As always, thanks for visiting. Dave