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Reflections on the book "The Wisdom Paradox" by Elkhonon Goldberg.


Fantastic insight into the Mind vs. the Brain. Goldberg states

-How the mind can grow stronger as the Brain grows older.

-The Mind, long regarded as not part of ones biological being, is a misconception, with an enduring legacy supported by Cartesian Mind-Body dualism.

-Today we understand that the Mind is of the Brain.

-Even 20 years ago we thought there was no way of protecting the Brain against decay Pharmacological or non-Pharmacological. He brings up that the Mind is nether stronger or weaker then it was a decade ago, only that it's different. A gradual shift from problem solving into pattern recognition. Easy insight with an increased feeling that life is a feast.

-If our Mental seeds are sown through curiosity and exploration early in youth and experience( as we age) tends and nurtures the Mental crop (the Brain the Mind) then Wisdom is the harvest of mental rewards.

-Two Hemispheres The Right, novelty (negative emotion). The Left, patterns (positive emotions). As we age and develop more patterns a gradual change begins to take place.The right side starts to diminish and the left begins to grow.

While the left side is in charge of most aspects of language in an adult the right side of the brain is in charge of PROSODY.

Prosody; information conveyed through verbal communication, but by means of intonation and inflection rather then the literal meaning of words. Mess up the right hemisphere affects the ability to process non verbal quo's. Individual becomes mechanical, awkward and often devoid of subtlety and fluidity.

The ability to put yourself in someones else s mental shoes is called by cognitive neuroscientists the capasity to form the "theory of mind".

Just like liver problems affecting the eyes, malfunctions of the brain affect the mind.

Age of social maturity; capacity for impulse control, foresight and critical self appraisal.

Wisdom Tree; order and enlightenment equal wisdom. Chaos and excess equal lack of wisdom.

In order to make an impact on society, both genius and wisdom must be ahead of society but not so far ahead as to be incomprehensible.

Competence: ability to recognize the similarities between seemingly new problems and previously solved problems.

Talent: a particular ability to create in ones chosen field of endeavor, genuinely novel content that departs radically from the previously created body of work.